NNI- Welcome

Bilingual Nurses from Mexico 

Nurses Now International (NNI) is a leading company in the growing field of premium nurse education, bringing high-quality, bilingual, bicultural Hispanic nurses to the US market from Mexico.

Prior to NNI’s efforts, there had been no successful attempts to create a much needed sustainable pipeline of nursing talent from Mexico into the US. NNI has proven that Mexico can be long-term source of high quality bilingual caregivers.

The NNI Solution

NNI has developed an end-to-end solution to recruit, select, train and place Mexican nurses in US hospitals as well as Mexican healthcare institutions focused on Medical Tourism. Through a proprietary methodology for training nurses, NNI is providing healthcare institutions with highly qualified, bilingual personnel trained to address the daily challenges faced by care-givers, hospital administrators, physicians, nurses and patients. We have worked in areas for all parts of the body, working closely in helping to staff practices from spine specialists to large optometry member networks such as OptAdvisor. The process, from recruiting to placement, encompasses over 2,500 hours of customized clinical training, language education, test-taking skills and cultural adaptation workshops.

  • Market innovator: First Company to successfully train and recruit bicultural/bilingual nurse from Mexico for placement in US Hospitals. First Company to successfully launch a bilingual nurse staffing service for Mexican hospitals.
  • High value supply proposition for US hospitals: Hospital customers pay market rates for contract nurses and avoid the direct costs of recruiting such as licensure, legal and traveling costs as well as hidden costs such as training, cultural integration and potential language issues.
  • Caring begins with understanding: Nurses trained by NNI make your patients feel at home – even if home is hundreds of miles away.
  • Continuous growth and expansion: Since its inception, NNI’s team as well as the pipeline of nurses in process have grown – and will continue to grow – exponentially.
  • Talented management team: Experienced, professional management team with vast relationship networks across healthcare, education and government.
  • Unique pedagogical approach:Through proprietary software and teaching methods, as well as extensive exclusivity arrangements with key vendors, NNI has assembled and developed best-in-class academic modules that deliver results.