Flexible Staffing Solutions

Flexible Staffing Solutions

NNI has a collaboration agreement with local Hospitals in Monterrey. Through this covenant, NNI nurses immersed in the “Skills Training Program”, are committed to accomplish 24 hours weekly of clinical practice in any specific area of the hospital.

In this way, nurses acing their English abilities do not forget the dynamics of being in a hospital, taking good care of patients, which is extremely important for their placement in an American Hospital. On the other hand, local Hospitals take advantage of an exceptional human resource at the moment they need the most. The CNO, Head of Human Resources and Supervisors of the Hospitals, are free to place the human talent whenever they believe is convenient in the Sanatorium and it makes use of this resource temporarily.

At the end of the period, the hospital gives written and oral feedback about the nurse’s performance in the clinical area. This component has been crucial for either, test the clinical skills of the nurses in a controlled environment for NNI and to assess the continuity of the right nurses in the Skills Training Program.

Case Study

NNI – Ginequito Partnership

From the very beginning of Nurses Now International incursion in Monterrey, “Ginequito” has been a strategic partner.

Being one of the fastest growing hospitals in the city, Ginequito has greatly benefited from the agreement with NNI. With the first two groups of NNI nurses covering 2 shifts to suit hospital needs, this model has proven effective and helpful for both.

During these periods, Ginequito has taken advantage of NNI’s nursing services in various ways; caring for international patients, covering strategic positions in nursing shortage periods and training their own personnel in specific techniques. Among these is the case of the “hemodialysis” machine, which needs a special training to be operated. NNI nurses have also covered hospital personnel during internal training sessions.

Ginequito is now running a plan with NNI to develop new fields and spots where these talented nurses are key since Ginequito is looking to be accredited by JCI in the near future.