NNI along with Mexconex Partner developed the MEFLSM program with the goal of providing Mexican nurses with an opportunity to become bilingual / bicultural caregivers capable of successfully communicating in English in a medical environment.  Completing NNI’s MEFLSM program allows participants to explore multiple job opportunities both in Mexico and anywhere in the world. MEFLSM also sets the basis for all of NNI’s Core Programs.

NNI’s comprehensive MEFLSM  program module is meant to be completed over the course of two semesters.  MEFLSM  program is based on one and a half hours per day / five days per week of in class room instruction.

NNI’s MEFLSM is a proprietary program unique in Mexico and Latin America. The intensive daily program leads to exponential improvement reinforced by a cyclical learning model. Learning activities are based on Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory. NNI’s MEFLSM program combines aspects of both core language skills and medical concepts with critical thinking skills.

NNI incorporated the best features of existing teaching methods and their own in order to provide students with tools to truly develop their skills.  The three critical approaches included in the language training are: Lexical, Communicative and Natural Learning, these combined with various cognitive methods fully develop students thinking skills.

  • Lexical Approach – Main focus on medical terminology
  • Communicative Approach: Competent and effective communication that leads to efficient exchanges
  • Natural Approach: natural linguistic progress