Overview US


As NNI’s core business line, MexConex USA (NNI’s US affiliate) places nurses that graduate from its training programs into US hospitals. NNI pursues a direct and indirect marketing approach in order to find placements for its nurses. The Company has an existing marketing and resource relationship with GlobeMed Resources, as an independent contractor, and, in addition, is pursuing additional placement channels with US staffing agencies that have demonstrated strength in hospital markets in Southwestern States. NNI’s direct sales efforts, generally coordinated with or through GlobeMed Resources, are currently  focused on large for-profit hospital management companies that own multiple facilities in the Southwest, as well as large not-for-profit, integrated delivery networks in major metropolitan areas of the Southwest. These hospitals not only generally have significant vacancies, but also usually have a direct need for bicultural and bilingual nurses.

The Company places nurses into healthcare institutions, primarily hospitals, via:

Direct RN Staffing: NNI works with leading hospitals in the US to provide customized solutions to address their personnel needs – specifically as it relates to Hispanic RN’s. NNI’s placement program is based on a deep understanding of each hospital’s needs.

Partnerships & Alliances: NNI actively partners with leading staffing agencies and Vendor Management Companies in the US in order to expand its geographic reach.