Parnerships & Alliances

Parnerships & Alliances

Nurses Now International considers Placement and Medical Staffing agencies as an important complement to their business and therefore customers.  Thus, in the United States, the Company places nurses both directly through their own sales efforts and by partnering with placement and staffing agencies.  The Company, however, emphasizes in its relationships with Placement Agents and Staffing Agencies the need to interact directly with end customers throughout the selling process and be partners in the provision of services to such customers.

Case Study

NNI – GlobeMed Resources Partnership

In 2008, NNI signed its first engagement agreement with a US staffing agency, GlobeMed Resources. At the time, GlobeMed Resources was the largest recruiter of Indian FENs into the US. Pursuant to such agreement, GlobeMed Resources has also provided advice and resource support to NNI and its nurses.

GlobeMed adheres to a service model that underscores and leverages the Core Leadership Team’s Client service philosophy developed through over 70 years of professional staffing experience.

GlobeMed supports each Nurse throughout the entire process that results in working as a fulltime, fully licensed RN. GlobeMed’s proven Team takes full responsibility to ensure each Client/Nurse process is completed with honesty, accuracy, and in a timely fashion either on a long term contract or permanent hire basis at one of our US client hospitals.