Why Mexico

Why Mexico? 

Mexico presents a unique and compelling opportunity to become a leading provider of nurses into the US. NNI has positioned itself to take advantage of this opportunity and is perceived as a leader in the segment by its peers. Some of the reasons that position Mexico as potential leading source of bilingual nurses include:

  • Consistent training methodologies: Mexican universities have similar Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree programs as well as graduate and certificate degrees as US programs.
  • Trade NAFTA Visa (“TN Visa”): Due to the NAFTA trade treaty, Canada and Mexico have access to the TN Visa, a visa for professionals (including nursing) that has no annual quotas and is renewable every year indefinitely. In contrast, limitations on US work visas, Green Card availability and processing times (“Retrogression”), has affected the migration of foreign nurses from traditional source countries (i.e. The Philippines, India and Korea).
  • Hispanic Culture and Spanish Language : Given that the Hispanic population is the fastest growing demographic in the US, this aspect is also a very favorable for nurses from Mexico.  This provides an added differentiator to the nurse in terms of their ability to relate to Hispanics in their mother tongue and also facilitate integration into the hospital ecosystem with doctors, other nurses, staff and patients.
  • Language / Translation Requirements:Recent pronouncements[1] mandating the availability of translators/interpreters present during consultation have created an important opportunity for nurses who speak another language and particularly for nurses speaking Spanish, which is spoken by the fastest growing minority in the US.
  • Bilingual training : Local universities driven in large part by globalization and the growth of Medical Tourism have begun to include English in their curriculum as an addition to the toolkit of the Nurse.  This training is benefitting new generations of Nurses.
  • Geographic proximity: Placement agents, staffing agencies and nurses from other countries have to incur significant travel costs that nurses from Mexico do not face.